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The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

As you embark on the journey of finding your new home, there are many things to take into consideration. Finding that specific house that feels just right with a suitable floor plan that works for your family and lifestyle can be a daunting and frustrating task. Although an older home has its charms and the remodeling opportunities can be endless, it can, and usually does, come along with costly and unforeseen reconstruction and maintenance costs.

However, designing a custom home and entrusting your vision with your home builder opens up to many more, if not unlimited, options. Like a blank canvas, you can carefully place everything where it needs to go, and where it fits. A custom home builder will work with only the best materials and craftsmen and you will end up with a dream home that exceeds your standards and holds its value for years to come, even if you decided to sell it one day. And there is something intangible about a custom home. Freedom to choose. It’s work of art, craftsmanship, and a testament to your life and priorities.

8 Benefits of Building a Custom Home

One Point of Contact

Going through the home construction process as your own general contractor is extremely time-consuming. Instead of having to communicate with each individual contractor, designer, architect and the various permitting offices, you only have one point of contact with your builder. The relationships and workflow are already in place to keep the process as streamlined as possible. A home builder knows the pitfalls to avoid, zoning restrictions, laws, codes and is very familiar with your municipality, county, and state.

Choice of Location

You get to decide where you want to live! Custom home builders can help you identify the perfect lot and the issues that can go along with it. Topography, storm easements, lack of sewer hookups, wells, issues with public water, soil quality, title issues, soil drainage, and retaining walls. Letting the home builder handle these difficult issues will take insurmountable stress off the homeowner.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The gamble of purchasing an existing home can be a pitfall of unforeseen maintenance costs and fitting an older home with modern, energy efficient fixtures can get expensive, fast. When you build a new home, it goes without saying, everything is new. Custom homes can be designed with energy efficiency in mind and even include greener alternatives, such as solar energy, double-pane windows, eco-friendly and energy efficient insulation such as sheep wool.

Quality Materials

Another incredible benefit about custom building is that you get to decide what materials will be used to build your home and control the quality. Your home builder will help and guide you through the process, making sure your get the best quality for your money.

Maximize Functionality & Convenience

Functionality and convenience are becoming more and more important in modern homes. Your custom builder will help you with ways to create a flow in your home, organize everyday traffic, and design a floor-plan to optimize the functionality of your home.

Budget Control

Building custom means you can control and stay within your budget. The initial preliminary estimate will be based on hard costs as well as current market pricing, and the detailed budget estimate will be completed after plans are finalized. This final estimate will be largely based on hard bids from vendors and subcontractors in the builder’s network.

Integrated Home Technology

Home technology is constantly evolving and it can be difficult and costly to integrate a new system into an older home. With a custom home, you have free range, using all the latest home technology. Systems such as smart appliances, multi-room audio, home automation, doorbell cameras, can be included in the design phase of the home building process for prime optimization.

Layout for your Lifestyle and the Future

It is next to impossible to find an existing home with everything you want and need, without making sacrifices. One of the greatest benefits of a custom home is that you have all the choices you can imagine. No limited cookie-cutter house plans, no pre-existing home layouts and restrictions. You know exactly what fits you and your family.

Most importantly, this is a space for you, designed by you. Every detail will be tailored with your life in mind! You don’t have to compromise on your priorities, and you have full control over the end result of your dream home.

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