Avoid Building DisastersPitfalls

In my 30+ years as a builder I have seen many things go wrong due to poor planning and trying to cut corners. The outcome was unpleasant and costly.
In this section of our Blog I would like to talk about the pitfalls I have encountered, so that you don’t make those mistakes. This will surely save you time and money.




“Add on” Costs

Please remember that it is not only about the cost of the house itself. You have to consider many more expenses and add them to your budget. Too many builders forget to mention this and their customers simply suppress it. Happy to own a new home soon they leave out important and pricey details.
“Yeah the lot cost is calculated in the price but what about”:

  • How much does the clearing of the lot cost. Large number of trees, etc. can become expensive quick piitfalls…additional excavation to contour a lot can add a lot of expense.
  • In central NC we have a lot of problems with springs. This can be a nasty surprise. Consider a soil test in advance. It is costly but might just be worth it before you buy a problematic piece of land.
  • Erosion on a sloped lot. Ask a specialist before buying a lot. Rain wash can be a huge problem when building on an incline, or a lot that slants towards a lake

Can’t warn people enough about this point. Get a landscaper before you start building and connect them with your builder. If you ever shopped at the local hardware store for plants, trees and shrubs, you can sing the song about the “empty wallet” many times over.

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And last but not least: Before buying contact a builder

Sure, he had to say that. But really, most people don’t change their oil themselves, right?  They leave it to the professional. As a builder we have the experience to keep your costs low and to scan the site you have chosen for your future dream home

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