My building experience with Bolton Builders was excellent from the very first meeting to the actual move-in date.

I had planned this house for at least 15 years, from going through at least 100 home plan books to the internet and from that actually sketching on paper. Bolton Builders was able to take what I had in my head and from that come up with a design that I’ve dreamed about for years. During the building phase, Chuck went over every detail with me before he went on to the next phase. When it came to a change orders, Bolton Builders would discuss the pros, cons, and all possibilities so I had all the information needed to make a good decision.

One of the hardest areas of building a new house was deciding the types of ammenities, such as light fixtures, granite counter tops, tile and wood flooring, fans, bathroom sinks, faucets, showers and everything down to the color of screws; things I had not really thought about and had no experience with at all. Michelle, thank God, spent several hours with us at various stores guiding us with our theme and ideas. Without her help, I don’t know what we would have done. It was those touches that really set off the inside looks of the house.

My wife and I are now living our dream and I can’t imagine how it would have come true without Bolton Builders.

Living the Dream in Seven Lakes West,
Steven and Ana Calvert

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