Dear Homeowner,

I am writing to highly recommend Bolton Builders for your building or remodeling needs. In the winter of 2010 through the spring of 2011 while I was deployed to Afghanistan, Bolton Builders finished off the upstairs portion of my home, and added a set of outside stairs and remodeled a screen port to become part of the down stairs living room with excellent results.

From the moment Chuck Bolton walked into my house I knew he was a cut above the other builders I had talked to. He immediately recognized problems and challenges that other builders had not including code issues and design challenges. The main concern we had was trying to figure out how to add a set of outside stairs to the house without making it look like they were an afterthought. During our initial meeting, Chuck spent over two hours measuring and contemplating the engineering challenges as well as the esthetics when others had just said “we will figure it out if you go with us”. The next portion of the project was to “finish” the upstairs; when we purchased the home the upstairs had drywall stacked up in piles and had the appearance that someone intended to finish it but just didn’t get around to it. Other builders had looked at the project in detail but it was only Chuck who walked in and noticed the two real reasons it wasn’t finished. First, the roof joists were only 6 inches and code required them to be 10 inches in order to insulate them to finish the upstairs. This meant every board had to be furred out with a 2×4, adding considerable more cost than others had mentioned. The second and most critical was that the inside stairwell did not meet code for head room clearance. Three other builders had looked at the project and not realized this major issue. Because Chuck did he was able to contact the inspector and work out details to mitigate risk with the outside stairs. This may not have been possible at the completion of construction when the inspector found the issue instead of being told about it upfront. The third portion of the remodel was trying to turn a screen in porch into a sun room. As we discussed with Chuck what we really wanted he opened up new options that we did not realize existed and came up with an idea to extend the living room into the screen porch giving us more usable space. We did all of this in the limited time I had before I needed to deploy and chose with go with Bolton Builders even though his quote was not the lowers. In the end the outside stairs add to the beauty of the house while giving us the functional need to meet code for the upstairs. The upstairs are that I assumed could never be as nice as the down stairs is of the same quality and the down stairs is more usable and beautiful then we could have hoped for. Bottom line we are thrilled with our remodel and feel that if we had not used Bolton Builders it would not have turned out as well in appearance or experience.

Chuck Bolton and the entire Bolton Builder’s team were very polite and professional throughout the remodel. My wife felt very safe knowing that Chuck was not only looking after the project but also her safety. Chuck helped my wife most of all by remodeling our house like he was remodeling his own. Because he understood the quality was what we desired from the outset he quoted us accordingly and then he did not burden her with choices or take advantage of her. He just “did the right thing” when appropriate and helped her with the choices she needed to make. As I mentioned, I was deployed during the four months of the construction and I believe Chuck Bolton did everything he could to make sure I cam home to a completed project and a happy wife and he was successful on both fronts. Please feel free to contact me for futher details about our project or experience with Bolton Builders. I hope you find this recommendation useful and I wish you the best of luck with your building or remodeling project.

Shane A. Flint

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