Bolton Builders Testimonial | Mike and Carolyn Pellish

Bolton Builders added a sun room and a stamped concrete Patio to the back of our house. The result was far better than I envisioned. The sun room appears as it was part of the original house. Bottom line it was an excellent job. There is a big difference out there between home builders, contractors, home improvement company’s, etc. The problem is (and I have experienced it) that there are only a few Quality builders. Bolton Builders provided the highest quality and attention to detail that I have seen in my 68 years. I have had houses built, additions put on, and remodeled / updated homes in the past and I can honestly say that this was my best experience. One more thing I would like to say. Bolton Builders have been around for a while and because of this they have gotten to know and have retained some of the most knowledgeable subs that I have seen. It was fun watching them.

Mike & Carolyn Pellish

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