I purchased a foreclosed home that was built by a bankrupt builder and had been vacant for at least 4 years. While the home was beautiful on the inside, a combination of synthetic stucco, poor design and drainage, and improper construction created more or less a nightmare that I was into “as-is” due to the foreclosure. Fortunately for me, my real estate agent recommended Bolton Builders who pretty much rescued me from what eventually would have been a rumbling house that literally would have fallen apart had the issues not been repaired. In a nutshell, very poor drainage off the roof, poor drainage around the foundation, synthetic stucco, and years of neglect to gutters promoted a termite infestation and water rotted woos all around the foundation and around a significant portion of the home. Bolton Builders repaired and replaced a significant amount of framing around the house, re-constructed a bay window, removed the stucco and replaced with Cement board siding. I could go on and on describing all he issues and the different things done to rectify, but the simple fact is, the home now looks fantastic, is structurally sound, and has increased in appraised value by 10%. The crew did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend Bolton Builders to anyone needing a renovation!

John Carter

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