Dear Chuck,

Joan and I wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for your efforts in making our new home everything we had wished for. From the design process to the delivery of the front door key you demonstrated why you are such an exceptional contractor. You start in the design process by looking at the house through the eyes of the owner; you don’t promise what you can’t deliver; you keep your promises; you have a superb team; and you bring your experience to the job site in a hands-on manner. Each of these elements makes a significant contribution to your achieving a top-notch result.
After considerable web research we had found a house plan with which we were very comfortable. You and Michelle carefully discussed our desires and ourselves as we all reviewed the plan. Your understanding of us allowed you to make several suggestions that dramatically changed our house to the exceptionally inviting and livable home that it is. Your critical eye made a significant difference. And these inputs were wonderfully augmented by Michelle’s discerning judgments on colors, textures, materials, vendors and furniture placement. We quickly realized that we had an incredible team guiding us all the way. You and Michelle helped to make a downloaded house plan into a very special home that is our joy.

We would expect every quality home contractor to have a quality set of subcontractors, as you do. But special mention must be made of your trim personnel led by Jon. Jon is so much more that a sub – he is a craftsman. His influence is subtle but its cumulative effect is profound.

What a team!

Joan and Willy Campbell

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