I don’t even know where to begin in thanking you for overseeing construction of our new home. When my wife and I decided to take the leap and construct our dream home, the most important qualities we searched for in a contractor were experience and integrity. I wasn’t looking for just overall experience, I was specifically looking for experience at building dry walkout levels on Lake Auman. I wanted someone who was familiar with the ground type and someone that knew how to handle any drainage issues that might arise and keep my basement dry. As far as integrity goes, your reputation spoke for itself when I started asking around.

The design process went well. I felt like you took the time to really get to know what my wife and I wanted. I never felt rushed in the design and you never seemed to get upset when we wanted to send plans back for revisions. Once building commenced, I always felt that you were in total control of the subs. I also felt very good about the quality of the subs used. Every single trade that worked on that house should be viewed as a craftsman. Everyone was always very professional, courteous to both me and my wife, and appreciative of the opportunity to be working with us. Russell, our framer and Mark Villone deserve special attention for their level of perfection and creative ability. On a project this size and this detailed, there will inevitably be mistakes. I don’t have a problem with mistakes being made but it’s all in how those mistakes are handled. In every instance where I brought something to your attention, it was corrected swiftly and without question. I was especially impressed with your attention to detail in the final walk through. I felt like you were preparing a house that you would live in yourself. Even after closing, you stopping by each morning and checking in with Anne Marie to see if there was anything that needed to be done meant so much to us. There have been small issues that needed to be addressed since then and a single call has gotten the issue resolved, most of the time in the same day.One of the single most things that impressed me with you was that phone calls were ALWAYS returned promptly.

One of the most stressful things I’ve experienced with other builders is being able to “follow the money” and feeling good that I had a strong understanding of where my money was going. Sally does an INCREDIBLE job with keeping the books organized and there was always 100% transparency. I felt comfortable in asking to see and review invoices and you and Sally never had any issues with walking me through questions I had. That meant a lot. I don’t ever anticipate having to build another home- this one’s perfect. But if I do, you will definitely get the job.
Thanks so much again to you and your team.

Jim and Anne Marie Beaty

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