You may have heard the phrase that a happy customer tells one person while an unhappy customer tells ten people. We hope to prove this adage wrong by aggressively letting everyone know how pleased we were with Bolton Builders.

Although Don and I make take the prize as the customer with the most emails, we appreciated your understanding that this method of communication served us both well. We were able to converse electronically with you regardless of the time of day and you were able to document our questions and needs during the construction process.

If we were asked what is the single most important point we valued from our home building with Bolton, we would have to say it was your integrity. Since we have built four homes and have had experience with several potential and actual builders, we have clearly seen the differences between customer-focused builders and profit-seeking builders.

The reason we would cite “integrity” as your strongest asset is because you kept your promises. We learned to trust you, which can be a difficult task between a home buyer and a builder. You did not “nickle-and-dime” us on change order. The quality of the subcontractors’ work was excellent.
I would say “good luck” to you in your future home building ventures but you will not need luck to succeed. Your reputation will be your best calling card.

Don and Diana Staley

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