Bunk Beds …. bad feeling about it? Sounds like stuffy bed linens, twenty people in a room? Or does it have a Military ring to it. “Yes, Sir my bed is made according to your specifications”.
Well, think again those bunk beds for Kids are not only comfortable but also amazing. The ideas humans come up with are mind-boggling at times. We come across all kinds of cool things to build but these following pictures are a real KUDOS to their designers.
Enjoy – and get inspired.

1. A Modern Masterpiece Bunk Bed

While this particular bunk bed was designed for a brother/sister duo to share, it would work with any combination of siblings. The crisp, clean look wouldn’t last long with my mini mess makers, but I love the idea of the rope ladder. Also, how cute are those reading lights over the pillows in each bunk?

Get all the details on this modern DIY masterpiece on the Mikael Monson Photography website.

2. Handmade For Hippies

This handmade beauty is perfect for kids who love camping out, or like to pretend they are nomadic, barefooted hippies. With fun colors and a quirky design, this camper bunk bed is every beach bum’s dream come true. Surfs up, dudes!

Learn more about this retro style bunk bed on Fancy.com.

3. A Calming, Contemporary Quad

This bunk bed quad is super cool for older kids. The nautical bedding really gives the room a yacht-like feel, and the little shutters on the top level are seriously adorable! Talk about a calming retreat with a contemporary design that even adults would love to sleep in!

Get more interior design ideas and inspiration at homebunch.com.

4. Triple The Togetherness Bunk Bed

Triplets will definitely grow closer sharing a bed space like this one. Each child has their own small book shelf next to their bed, which is a fun way to personalize the sleep area. The matching bedding ties the custom creation together nicely.

Head over to karakaejames.com to see how this triple threat was made.

5. Cabin Cool

Bring the great outdoors inside with a nature inspired bunk like this rustic looking cabin bed. The abundance of wood in the space adds to the outdoor vibe, and the bedding and accessories complete the room perfectly.

Find all the details about this custom design on houzz.com.

6. Free And Floating

Wow- these bunk beds are floating! I personally would be hesitant to go to sleep without something securing me to the floor. But for the child who loves taking risks and enjoys the sensation of levitating, these free-floating snoozers would be super cool!

Take a look at the contemporist website for more bunk bed ideas and inspiration.

7. Curtain Rod Chic Bunk Bed

The coolest part about this double decker dreamland is the privacy curtains. The stairs leading up to the top bed are also great, and I love the built in shelves in each bed!

Head over to Amy Berry Design for the full portfolio of projects.


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